Posting poster pointers

You can probably download, print and post The Cigarette is Dead posters in your community faster than you can repeat that headline five times.

The Cigarette is Dead poster series in Denver

The Cigarette is Dead poster series in Denver

First, check out our list of downloadable materials and select what you’d like to print yourself – or – visit to order free, pre-printed posters.

Posters pattern on cement

Posters pattern on cement

Next, you need to decide where to post them – fences, walls, storefronts, dumpsters, bus shelters, etc. The variety of posters can be posted solo or in groupings to give an underground feel. For some inspiration, check out what other communities have done on our Flickr page.

Next, make sure you seek the verbal or written permission of the proper authorities or business owners before placing posters onto any public or private spaces.

Poster series on walkway

Poster series on walkway

Finally, you’re almost in business. Hit the streets and start posting posters. If you’re posting more than one poster:
•Take a look at the space and estimate how many posters you will be able to post.
•Is there opportunity to stack vertically, or is the space limited to posting horizontally?
•Create a pattern. If you can get a good pattern going, break it with a different color poster that really jumps out. Always be sure to include a poster with the URL in any arrangement.

Now that wasn’t so hard was it, my posting poster pointer peeps?


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