Top 7 places to reach a captive audience


The Cigarette is Dead bathroom ads

1. Bathrooms… Bathroom stalls and urinals at bars, restaurants and coffee shops are an excellent place to communicate with a captive audience. You can also post posters and magnets on towel dispensers, mirrors and the door.

2. Lighters… Each and every time someone lights up, we can ask them to contemplate whether they’re ready to quit doing it. Small The Cigarette is Dead stickers can be used to customize lighters.

3. Ashtrays… Stickers on ashtrays and butt cans are a great reminder for smokers that, not only is their cigarette literally dead, but that the behavior is passe and they need to quit. Consider approaching local businesses about putting The Cigarette is Dead ashtrays and butt cans outside their place of business for both customers and employees.

4. High-traffic walkways… The more people that walk or drive by, the more that will see your message. ‘Nuf said.

5. Break areas… Whether young adults attend college or head straight to work from high school, chances are they hold a job of some sort from the age of 18 to 24. Part-time or full-time, breaks are coveted opportunities to talk, relax, and often, smoke with co-workers. Adorn the outside smoking break area with a smoking can and lighters plastered with The Cigarette is Dead stickers.

6. College campuses… The Cigarette is Dead street team visits campuses around the state and is available to partner with you on additional student outreach and awareness efforts. For more details, email

10. Anywhere that 18 to 24 year-olds hang out… consider local watering holes, restaurants, theatres and businesses frequented by young adults. Urban neighborhoods and college campuses are no-brainers, but think outside the box to find other hot spots like tattoo parlors, salons and thrift stores.


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