We’ve been to communities around the state. Block by block, city by city, The Cigarette is Dead is declaring that the cigarette is over. It’s dead. Socially dead. Politically dead. Environmentally dead. Physically dead. Now it’s your turn.We want to arm you with the tips, tools and downloads to take The Cigarette is Dead to your community.

Take The Cigarette is Dead to your neighborhood.

If you want to use our materials in your community, click here to download and print them, or visit steppitems.com to order pre-printed materials. If you have any questions or problems downloading, email tcidpr@gmail.com and we’ll set you up.

Tell us.

You can also drive your nail into the coffin right here, online. When was the cigarette dead to you? Did you quit? Did a friend quit? Did someone you love get sick? Or die? Did you decide never to start in the first place? Your story matters and could inspire others to quit. So mark your moment on The Cigarette is Dead timeline at QuitDoingIt.com.

The Cigarette is Dead is administered by the State Tobacco Education & Prevention Partnership (STEPP) at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and is funded by Amendment 35 (the 2004 voter-approved tobacco excise tax designated for public health programs).


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  1. Laura Ramnarace

    This is a very difficult web site to negotiate. I’d like to order some of the “Quit Doing It” and “The Cigarette is Dead” materials I was given at the Tobacco conference in Phoenix this summer but can’t find a place to order these. The one place that I found so far with materials had all kinds of other posters but not the ones I have samples of.

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