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7 quick tips for leveraging community partnerships

As demonstrated by Weld County, forming partnerships with local businesses can be a great way to distribute The Cigarette is Dead materials for high-impact and little cost.

Charged with building relationships with proceeds recipients and businesses across the state, Matt Robbins, community relations specialist for the Colorado Lottery, shared 7 quick tips for forming fruitful community partnerships.

1. When ever possible, meet in person. Don’t rely on technology, just like you, everyone is getting inundated with email and cold calls.

2. Know your audience. Do a little research before you meet with them so you know what they’re business is all about.

3. Don’t assume they understand what you do.

4. Take the time to ask what your partners do and what they need. You might be surprised  to find out what you have in common.

5. After meeting with someone, don’t be afraid to share their experiences and stories with others. Understand that not every meeting  or relationship will bare low hanging fruit. Keep in mind that time are tough right now so different partners will have different capacity to support your cause. It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon.

6. Be flexible.

7. Be available.