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You aren’t alone, you have an entire army of support

The Cigarette is Dead street team on campus

The Cigarette is Dead street team on campus

Er, okay, it’s more of a street team for support.

The Quit Doing It street team is scheduled to be at The University of Denver May 18-22 and is available to help spread The Cigarette is Dead movement in communities around the state. The street team will work with schools and county health departments to help spread the word by posting banners and posters at pre-determined locations, leaving The Cigarette is Dead branded lighters and coasters at bars and restaurants, and spraying chalk stencils on pre-approved sidewalk locations.

The street team is also available to meet with tobacco coalition groups, public tobacco forums and student groups to explain The Cigarette is Dead’s purpose and goals. If you would like more information about the street team’s community outreach and availability, please contact Collin Varner at collin@sharpideas.com.